Monday, May 28, 2012

Making Memorial Day Memorable :)

So there we were, Mom and me, hauling things from her shed. The lawnmower came out, and then gloves, a long lost water bottle, and small garden tools were emptied from the wheelbarrow so we could take it to my car. Being younger and more agile, I lifted the wheelbarrow with a youthful attitude and quickly backed it out of the shed and right up onto the lawnmower. I went down and my legs went up, as Mom with arms aflutter, yelled, “Are you okay?!” I was half laughing because I couldn’t get up since I was sitting between the lower part of the mower handles with my legs up on  top of the motor thingy. She grabbed my hand and I still couldn’t get up because of the awkward position, so she used two hands to hoist me heavenward. After we stopped laughing, I thought, Gee, if she could lift me like that, she probably could’ve handle the bag of mulch without a wheelbarrow : )