Sunday, December 12, 2021

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LIVING IN THE LAST DAYS: An in-depth look at Bible prophecy, current events, and how they relate to you, unpacks the book of Revelation and other end time prophecies.
In this book, you will discover the possible meanings of symbols, profiles of the Antichrist and the false prophet, what the Mark of the Beast could be (and how it may be enforced), the Second Coming of Christ at the battle of Armageddon, and much more. You will also see how modern technology, widespread pandemics, and world leaders are setting the stage for prophecy to be fulfilled.
Throughout this book, I have used the Bible to interpret itself, to unravel the timeline and tie it together with current events, to prove that we are truly Living in the Last Days before Christ returns.
If Bible prophecy is new to you, this book will fill in some of the blanks and help you understand and prepare for these events. If you are knowledgeable of end time prophecies, I believe you will also find new things to explore.


  1. My Conversion

  2. Why I Wrote this Book

  3. The Stage is Set

  4. Past Prophecies Fulfilled

  5. The Last Days Prophecies of Jesus

  6. The Rebirth of Israel

  7. What is “The Falling Away?”

  8. How will we recognize the Antichrist?

  9. Why Does the Peace Treaty with Israel Matter?

  10. The Four Great Divisions of People

  11. What is the Rapture?

  12. Understanding the Structure of Revelation

  13. Who are the Seven Churches of Revelation?

  14. What is the Tribulation Period?

  15. Examples of Possible Symbols and Meanings

  16. What are the Seven Seals?

  17. The 144,000 and the Martyrs

  18. The Seven Trumpets and Seven Bowls

  19. Who are the Two Witnesses?

  20. The Woman and the Dragon

  21. The Unholy Trinity

  22. The Dragon | AKA Satan, the Serpent, the Devil

  23. The Beast | The Global Government

  24. The False Prophet | The Global Religious Leader

  25. Progressive Protestants

  26. Progressive Rome

  27. The Mark of the Beast

  28. What Is The Mark of the Beast?

  29. Who Wants the MOB in Place?

  30. What is its Precursor?

  31. How Will the Mark be Implemented?

  32. What Happens if You Take the MOB?

  33. What Happens if You Don’t Take the MOB?

  34. When Hell Literally Breaks Loose

  35. The Six Events Before Christ Returns

  36. The Powerful Harlot

  37. The Fall of Mystery Babylon

  38. Jesus Returns to Reap the Earth

  39. Judgment Day!

  40. Are You Ready?


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