Monday, May 28, 2012

Regional Radio Interview

On Tuesday, May 29th, my author interview will air on Family Life Network (Christian radio) at 12:15 PM. The map below shows the radio coverage for the New York and Pennsylvania areas. (Click the pic to enlarge.)

Making Memorial Day Memorable :)

So there we were, Mom and me, hauling things from her shed. The lawnmower came out, and then gloves, a long lost water bottle, and small garden tools were emptied from the wheelbarrow so we could take it to my car. Being younger and more agile, I lifted the wheelbarrow with a youthful attitude and quickly backed it out of the shed and right up onto the lawnmower. I went down and my legs went up, as Mom with arms aflutter, yelled, “Are you okay?!” I was half laughing because I couldn’t get up since I was sitting between the lower part of the mower handles with my legs up on  top of the motor thingy. She grabbed my hand and I still couldn’t get up because of the awkward position, so she used two hands to hoist me heavenward. After we stopped laughing, I thought, Gee, if she could lift me like that, she probably could’ve handle the bag of mulch without a wheelbarrow : )

Saturday, May 26, 2012


I’ve been thinking about this whole book publishing and promoting business, and the most unexpected bonus that I have discovered is that there are some amazing people out there. Readers have written fantastic reviews that have truly blown me away. Twitterers have retweeted my tweets, and readers and authors have “liked” my facebook book page. I’ve been interviewed on one awesome blog, and read some others that are chocked full of information and encouragement, all of which have helped propel, someone like me, down the bestseller path. At this time, I don’t have a lot of followers on my blog, but I know people are reading it. So to those of you who fall into any of these categories, I would personally like to thank you! I truly appreciate each and every one of you.

LOOK! It's on NOOK! :)

For those of you with NOOK readers, my novel is now available at Barnes and Noble.

Friday, May 18, 2012

A Few Bits of Trivia About THE MISSING PIECE

I thought I'd share a few facts about my novel for those of you who are interested.
  • The novel is set in Fredonia, NY, with a few shorter scenes in Dunkirk and Forestville. Jamestown, NY, and Erie, PA, are also briefly mentioned.
  • The novel began as a five page assignment in a creative writing class at Jamestown Community College in the late 1990s. I dabbled with the story for a few years before it was published, and then a couple years later, I attended SUNY Fredonia for my English degree. Talk about putting the cart before the horse : )
  • The book version was originally released exactly nine years ago this past February.
  • The character named Connie in the novel is based on my sister’s vivacious personality. Some of Connie's comments, especially those about cheeses, are exact quotes from Donna's witty banter.
  • Some of Dylan’s struggles were taken from actual experiences in my own life.
  • If you liked the movie Fireproof, you may like The Missing Piece.
  • Jim  Kelly’s (former Bills quarterback) wife, Jill, sent me a thank you note after receiving a copy of my book from the hostess, Linda Pellegrino, when I appeared on AM Buffalo (morning television talk show) in 2003. 
  • A few years later, Jill Kelly spoke at the Chautauqua Suites in Mayville, NY, and I had my picture taken with her (see above).
  • One of the quotes in my book (“Friends don’t let friends wear puffed sleeves”) was featured on a site, alongside a dozen famous people, like Naomi Judd and Bill O’Reilly, who also skewed the original quote of "Friends don't let friends drive drunk."
  • The revised version of The Missing Piece in eBook form contains a few additional scenes and is 40 pages longer throughout. (If it were in book form it would be 280 pages.)
If you have read The Missing Piece (and if you wouldn't mind), I would really appreciate an honest review on Amazon's product page.

Thank you! <3

Monday, May 14, 2012

If You Liked the Movie Fireproof...

If you liked the book (or movie), Fireproof, you may like the The Missing Piece, although it's more intense.

One reviewer states, "The interaction between Dylan and Lorraine evoked feelings similar to Kirk Cameron's Fireproof, but this is more involved and more developed than that healing romance. The author beautifully shows how worldly love, loss, regret, substance abuse and physical pain are necessary for change and can be redeemed for God's glory. Fresh, vibrant, polished prose is used throughout which makes every chapter a joy to read."

Last Day to Enter Drawing

Enter the Christian Bookshelf Reviews contest for a chance to win my inspirational love story THE MISSING PIECE (contest ends today with the drawing the 15th).

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

My Interview on Christian Bookshelf Reviews

Melanie from Christian Bookshelf Reviews does a great service for authors. She  posted my interview  on her blog, facebook page,  and twitter  today. What a wonderful birthday present :)