Thursday, March 24, 2022


LIVING IN THE LAST DAYS: An in-depth look at Bible prophecy, current events, and how they relate to you, unpacks the book of Revelation and other end time prophecies.

In this book, you will discover the possible meanings of symbols, the identity of the two witnesses, profiles of the Antichrist and the false prophet, what the Mark of the Beast could be (and how it may be enforced), the Second Coming of Christ at the battle of Armageddon, and much more. You will also see how modern technology, widespread pandemics, and world leaders are setting the stage for prophecy to be fulfilled.

Throughout this book, the Bible is used to interpret itself, to unravel the timeline and tie it together with current events, to prove that we are truly Living in the Last Days before Christ returns. If Bible prophecy is new to you, this book will fill in some of the blanks and help you understand and prepare for these events. If you are knowledgeable of end time prophecies, you may also find new things to explore.

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Living in the Last Days is an in-depth analysis of the Christian Bible on the subject, backed by considerable research and some fresh interpretations of the scriptures. Internationally acclaimed author Carol McCormick underlines the traditional wisdom of Christian teachings while relating them to present worldwide political and spiritual trends.

The rise of the Antichrist and the Mark of the Beast are dealt with in detail, with new insights provided. The information regarding The Great Reset and its agenda is a significant departure from the conventional approach to End Times predictions. This is highly relevant as digital technology, smart bank cards, and a host of electronic devices already enable intrusive surveillance and allow the tracking and control of individuals. Further danger threatens in the form of a one-world government, a single world currency, and combined religions, which will undermine traditional Christian beliefs and suppress opposition. These modern phenomena are compared to biblical predictions and a remarkable match is apparent. 
Carol McCormick explores how today's headline news stories relate to the End Times. I love the fact that [she] makes the point that if you are not committed to Biblical literacy, understanding the Last Days is going to frustrate you. 
- FAMILY LIFE RADIO Interview, Bob Price