I'm Hungry! I'm Bored!

Carol McCormick's health and nutrition book is chock-filled with eye-opening and rather dismaying data on the food choices many of us make. Her detailed lists showing the fats and sugars in food are worth looking into as is her data on healthy alternatives. The second part of this book contains things kids and adults can do to stop obsessing about food, and there are some pretty exhaustive lists of ways to volunteer, work part-time, set up your own small business and get smarter. (Five Stars) Readers' Favorite Book Review by Jack Magnus

I'm Hungry! I'm Bored! can help you and your children make better dietary choices and behavioral changes that lead to weight loss and health gains.

I'm Hungry! provides the what, why, and how-to of nutrition and weight loss by defining the problems, offering solutions, and then presenting guidelines to carry them through. 

I'm Bored! offers hundreds of  suggestions and links to fun and educational activities, questions to ask, jobs to perform, and services to volunteer, all-of-which develop the intellect, confidence, and feelings of fulfillment. These activities may also deter the hand-to-mouth eating habit that often accompanies boredom.

Eat and Play Your Way to Better Health, a Leaner Physique, and a Happier Life!
For Adults and Tots Through Teens

Carol McCormick is a certified personal trainer and a certified health coach through the American Council on Exercise, one of the top fitness organizations in the world. I'M HUNGRY! I'M BORED! was born out of her great concern for children and adults who struggle with weight-related personal and social issues. Overweight children are falling prey to a host of “adult” diseases, and many are taunted, teased, and bullied because of their appearance. Adults are not immune to this discrimination, as they are also “sized-up” when searching for a date or seeking a career. These painful emotions often cause both children and adults, not only to feel sad or upset, but also inferior and insecure. As these physical, emotional, and social problems intensify, feelings of unhappiness may also increase.

Habits instilled in your children now often follow them into their future. In helping them, you will be helping yourself, because what works for them will work for you too, if you need a nudge in this direction. I’M HUNGRY! I’M BORED! provides the blueprints needed to lay a strong foundation and create new behaviors that lead to better health, a leaner physique, and a happier life! 


Kids Just Want to Have Fun
From Crazy Daze to Happy Days
Don’t Make Food a Reward or Entertainment
Weight is Just a Numbers Game
Keeping Score
Know Your ABCs
Mining for Minerals
Home Run! The Healing Power of Whole Food
The Real Deal versus Faux Food
The Old Switcheroo

Food with Attitude
Pop Flies and Line Drives
The Bases are Loaded
Strike One! Soda, Punch, and Other Soft Drinks
Strike Two! Candy, Cakes, Cookies and Pies
Strike Three! Cereal and Granola Bars
You’re the Coach so You’re in Charge
How to Cream the Sugar Babes

The Skinny on Fat
The Fat Cat Stats
Don’t Let Trans Fat up to Bat
The Grand Slam: All Wood is Not Created Equal
How to Beat the Fat Cats

Keep Passing the Salt
Where do the Salty Dogs Romp?
How to Shake the Salty Dogs

Why are the Gooey Guys so Bad?
How to Whip the Gooey Guys

The Top Playing Fields in America
First Out - Keep it Fun!
Second Out - Keep it Clean!
Third Out - Keep it Natural!

Teammate 1 - Fabulous Fiber
Teammate 2 - Superstar Grains
Teammate 3 - The Best Veggie Tales
Teammate 4 - The True Fruit Snacks
Teammate 5 - Super Legumes
Teammate 6 - Lean Protein
Teammate 7 - Necessary Dairy
Teammate 8 - Wonderful Water

Strategy 1 - The Real Deal
Strategy 2 - The Right Time
Strategy 3 - The Precise Size
Strategy 4 - The Active Interactive Plan


True Hunger versus Boredom
Misbehavior is Often Due to Boredom
How to Rein in Overeating

Little Tykes
Make it Fun and Learning Will Come
Whistle While You Work

Activities of Chase, Race, and Pace
Crafty Kids
Activities, Organizations and Clubs
Make One Day a Week Funday

Do Something New
Learn Something New
Read To Feed Your Brain
Dim the Lights for Movie Night

The Buddy System
Wading Off Shore
Playing in the Waves
Swimming in the Deep
Life Preservers

Volunteer Your Time, Energy, and Talent
No Allowance Allowed
Experiment and Invent
Get a Job and Get Paid
Be a Good Deed Doer
Know Thyself

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“I’m Hungry! I’m Bored!” How many times have you heard these words from your children? Those who are old enough to take care of themselves usually do so by raiding the fridge or ransacking the cupboards, or by flopping down in front of a PC, TV or other electronic device for hours. If your children are young, you have more of a say in their eating habits and their time spent with the one-eyed-cyber-monsters. Older kids, now that’s a different story. The task becomes a tug-of-war, because teens don’t always listen or want to do what’s best for them. Not only that, but there’s the added challenge of competing with their friends who may sway them from your good intentions and influence.

Well come a little closer. I’ve got good news for you. I’m Hungry! I’m Bored! can help your children make better food choices and encourage positive behaviors by making meaningful activities and good nutrition enjoyable, fun, and exciting. This book will arm you with hundreds of ideas that can help your child thrive in life. Because a child left to himself, when it comes to food, activity, and entertainment, will often take the path of least resistance and choose junk food to eat, or the internet to occupy his time, often because he or she doesn’t know what else to do. The children who do know their options will still need additional ideas, examples, and encouragement to hoof the higher path on the oftentimes bumpy road of life. 

That being said, I present to you a virtual goldmine of goodies. You hold in your hands, hundreds of hours of gathered facts from credible sources, along with a few gems of my own, condensed and funneled into one treasure chest for easy reading and access.

I’ve done the footwork for you by providing the what, why, and how-to of nutrition and weight loss by defining the problems, offering solutions, and then presenting guidelines to carry them through. You will also find hundreds of suggestions and links to great books, movies, places to go, things to do, questions to ask, jobs to perform, services to volunteer, and directories to look up even more information.

Some of this info may be new to you, while other parts may be a reminder of things you already know, or knew, but may have forgotten from your childhood. If that is the case, think of this info as a gentle press of the recall button, a prompt to use as a tool in shaping the course of your child’s life.

The suggestions are geared for children three years-old up to the age of about eighteen, but everything in this book will also work for adults too, aside from a few of the activity ideas. But hey, who knows, you may enjoy them too! I often use the second person pronoun, you, in this book when I am speaking about your child, but since you, the parent, guardian, or caregiver, are the ones reading this information, buying the products, preparing the food, taking them places, or guiding them in other ways, I’m really speaking to all of you, so you can inform and help them.

I also encourage you to lead by example in this new adventure. If you spend a lot of time in front of a television or computer screen, your kids will be more inclined to do so too. If you exercise and have many interests and participate in meaningful activities, the odds are in your favor that they will follow suit. If you want your children to eat better, become more active, and to use their time more wisely, you must model these behaviors, because they often don’t know any better. Even if they do, they don’t have the means to make significant changes, since you’re in control of the food that comes into the house, how it’s prepared, and whether you order-in or eat-out. You’re also in control of their extended recreation, especially if it involves money.

Therefore, you have the power to help them make changes. This whole shebang is a joint effort with you leading the pack. When you make good nutrition, exercise and physical activity a lifestyle, a given, a normal way of living, it becomes a fun and exciting adventure rather than a burden to be endured.

Most of the charts in this book are applicable for adults, if you use the numbers for an eighteen year old, although after 50+ years most of the numbers decline. What you weighed at age eighteen, if a healthy weight, should be maintained throughout your life, with the exception of during a pregnancy. Many people believe that it’s normal or even expected to gain weight as they age. The metabolism does slow down with each passing decade, but the major cause of weight gain is simply poor lifestyle choices. If you believe it’s a natural occurrence that cannot be avoided, you’ll be more inclined to put on the pounds. But if you believe that you can maintain a healthy weight throughout your entire life, or if you believe that you can lose the weight you’ve gained, you stand a greater chance of seeing it happen. The seeds of success grow in the soil of faith.

If your child needs to lose weight, he or she can win this war and be shielded from a host of “adult” ailments such as Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and high-blood pressure, once these behaviors are in place. The majority of children don’t suffer from these diseases, although statistics are rising at an alarming rate, indicating that many children are headed in that direction. Some have already arrived. The habits you instill in them now often follow them into adulthood, where many of these ailments may await them, if there is no intervention.


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Grilled Chicken Pizza on Pita Bread

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